hot air balloon experience

Hot Air Balloon Experience

Experience the beauty of the Masai Mara on a hot air balloon flight. Guests will take off at dawn and float in whichever direction the morning winds take them. The altitude may vary from treetop height or lower, which offers a unique perspective and great photographic opportunities, to 300 metres ( 1 000 feet), showcasing the vastness of the panorama. From time to time the pilot must put more heat into the balloon with the powerful whisper burners. In between these burns, there is silence apart from the natural sounds below.

Here, guests can sweep their eyes across the panoramic plains and discover the fantastic features unfolding before them, with an abundance of gentle undulating hills, sparkling rivers and verdant grasslands. Dotted in between this lush terrain guests can spot the heads of gentle giraffe foraging from the top of leafy trees, slumbering elephants swaying in the cool breeze, graceful gazelles leaping through the vast expanse and pods of hippos splashing in the water. Probe further and they may see prowling predators stalking across the savanna.

As guests sail above the reserve, they are privy to the daily rituals of the wild things in their natural habitat. It is a beautiful experience to witness the intricacies of the Mara ecosystem and the harmonious coexistence of the vibrant flora and fascinating fauna. This is a once in a lifetime experience to really appreciate the spectacular magnificence of wild Africa. The hot air balloon flight lasts about an hour and is followed by champagne and a full English breakfast.

hot air balloon experience route

Your balloon adventure begins early so you can see the day unfold over the Mara. You’ll be picked up in a custom safari jeep around 5 am and arrive at your launch site an hour later. The scene here is exciting as you take in the ground crew firing jets of hot air into the balloon to give it lift. Cups of hot Kenyan coffee or tea are served to ward off the morning chill.

Soon your pilot shares important safety information and describes what you can expect on your flight. Meanwhile, the balloon starts to billow out and the crew attaches the large basket that will be your viewing platform. You are soon helped into the basket and around 6:30 am, with a quick flash from the burner above, you feel the basket lift from the ground and you’re suddenly and gently airborne.

hot air balloon experience

As you rise, new vistas quickly form all about. The great display of the Masai Mara unfolds – you take in giraffe, zebra, gazelle and hippo below as worlds of birds, rivers and forest fill your horizon.

You’ll sail on the prevailing currents over this ancient land for an adventurous hour before settling back to earth, your head now filled with a lifetime of memories.

And then… breakfast!

This elegant repast is set at a scenic spot, perhaps on the crest of a hill, perhaps under a lone acacia tree. This is a full-bodied meal, served up Kenyan style. Waiters in traditional garb bring you fresh juice, eggs made to order, champagne and more. Enjoy this feast for the body adding to the many morning memories of your balloon adventure.

hot air balloon experience

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